Fund Raising Services

  1. Project Finance & Debt Syndication

    IPL team has in-depth understanding of debt syndication process, its market and draws experience from its parent company and associate concerns that are well versed in lending and structuring various Infrastructure projects. The debt syndication team comprises of experts with cumulative experience of over 100 years and have successfully advised in raising more than INR 1 Lakh crores amongst themselves.

    The synergistic capabilities of the IIFCL group enable the IPL team to provide holistic perspective to requirements of its clients across industries such as Transportation, Energy, Water/Sanitation, Communication, and Social & Commercial Infrastructure.

    The IPL team handholds clients through the entire process of accessing credit enhancement schemes by securing guarantee from ‘AAA’ rated financial institutions. We adopt an end to end approach that begins with understanding the debt profile of the client and advise on the appropriate debt mix which would bring down the financing costs and provide support throughout the entire process of implementing the most optimum solution as per the client’s needs.

    IPL team due to its deeper insight of refinancing schemes of its parent company, IIFCL, is well placed to understand the needs of stakeholders in the infrastructure sectors and advise clients in accessing the flagship products of IIFCL such as the ‘Credit Enhancement Scheme’ and ‘Take-Out Financing’ which have revolutionized infrastructure financing sector in India.

    1. Debt Syndication

      • Identification of Potential Lenders &
      • Preparation of Term Sheet
      • Assistance in Documentation
      • Due Diligence for Lenders
  2. Innovative Financing Solutions

    Unarguably, one of the most critical needs to restart the Indian economy is infrastructure spending. It is common knowledge that lots of infrastructure investments are running dry of funds. There is dire need to look beyond traditional methods of project financing, commercial banks loans, and unlock the potential of existing assets to attract higher and better growth capital.

    IPL due to its deeper insight into the infrastructure financing sector, acts as Financial Advisor to assist project developers in accessing resources beyond traditional source by appraising, structuring and facilitating in resource mobilization through various products available in the market such as 1) Alternative Investment Fund: 2) Infrastructure Investment Trusts (“InvIT”) 3) Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”)

    IPL can assist for establishing these alternative means of financing vehicles by providing the following services:

    • Preparation of a Detailed Business Plan/Pitch Document for each Vehicle (AIF/InVIT/ReITs): that will include a Roadmap and essential features of the AIF/InvIT/ReIT) and its suitability with respect to a detailed financing plan with options. Defining the Tenure, Potential Investor Class, Potential Sectors of Investment, Organisation Activities, & the roles to be performed in the Fund with respect to AMC & Investment Committee, Manager etc.
    • Preparation of all documents related to the establishment of the Asset Management Company (AMC) and registration of the AMC with the registrar of companies.
    • Preparation of all documents related to the establishment of the vehicle and registration of the vehicle with SEBI as an AIF/InvIT/ReIT for its final approval.
    • Provide assistance with appraisal of projects and identification of revenue generating assets that can be leveraged for raising money from long term investors like Pension Funds, Private Equity Firms, HNIs etc.