Services under Infrastructure Consultancy

  1. Project Appraisal Services (Financial)

    In depth understanding of the project financing process, enables the IPL team to run an efficient project appraisal process on behalf of the infrastructure lenders and facilitates in evaluating proposals.

    The experience of being the sole project appraisers for our associate concern IIFC(UK), empowers IPL team to assist banks, financial institutions alike in the infrastructure financing space to run a robust project appraisal process for our clients to take well informed decisions.

    The team also extends the services to developers seeking project finance by checking the bankability of projects using typical evaluation tools adopted by banks and advice on improving bankability of the projects.

    • Financial Appraisal Services

      1. Preparation of Project Information Memorandum
      2. Project Appraisal
      3. Preparation of Financial Model
      4. Evaluating Financial Feasibility
  2. Feasibility Studies & Transaction Advisory for PPP Projects

    Public Private Partnership (PPP) structures have provided an impetus to the development of infrastructure in the country. Such structures have enabled various central ministries, state governments & local bodies in not only developing infrastructure but also in delivery of efficient services.

    The success of the PPP project hinges on the project development process involving Feasibility studies, VGF, project structuring, risk allocation & mitigation and culminating with the transaction advisory process.

    IPL team assists implementation agencies in running a transparent bidding process involving preparation of pitch books (PIM, RFQ/RFP documents), interacting with prospective investors to encourage participation and drafting contract documents in discussion with legal cell of the clients and legal experts.

  3. Preparation of Business Plan

    IPL team assists Ministries & various government bodies in preparing business plans for Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV’s) formed for overseeing specific development and programs of the central/state government. The various activities performed under this services are:

    • Formulating Vision statement for the new entity
    • Identification of stakeholders for the entity & engaging with them to capture their needs & aspirations
    • Formulation of business models, tactics, and strategies to help crystalize long-term competitive differentiation
    • Preparing a Human Resource plan capturing timelines for scalability of size of team in tandem with the business growth
    • Financial forecasting and plan for business scalability
    • Assisting client in activities related to incorporation of new entity
    • Handholding the client in selecting & appointing of core team who shall be entrusted to implement the vision for the new entity
  4. Capacity Building

    IIFCL PROJECTS LTD sees capacity building as the process through which individuals, organizations and societies obtain, strengthen and maintain the capabilities to set and achieve their own development objectives over time.

    Simply put, if capacity is the means to plan and achieve, then capacity building describes the ways to those means. An essential ingredient in the IIFCL PROJECTS LTD capacity building approach is transformation. For an activity to meet the standard of capacity building as practiced and promoted by IIFCL PROJECTS LTD, it must bring about transformation that is generated and sustained over time from within.

    IPL can assist Urban Local Bodies, State Governments and various other institutions for all processes of Capacity Building such as:

    • Capacity Building Workshops & Seminars
    • Conferences on Infrastructure Challenges & PPP Rejuvenation
    • Knowledge Papers & Consultation reports
    • Policy Advocacy